Busy weekend

We made major progress on the tiny house this weekend thanks to our many handy friends (and the almost perfect cooperation of the weather).  We hung the first window.  Special thanks to James Fraumeni, who brought exactly the knowledge and experience we needed for hanging windows and the spirit of sharing his time and energy to show us how it’s done.  We were able to prep most of the other windows (holes cut, house wrap taped back).  We finally sheathed the hip roof, the hardest part of the roof to measure, and because it was the final part, the hardest part to drill into place.  Our friends drilled down the entire roof sheathing, which required hundreds of screws to be drilled into place, some in tricky-to-reach places.  The tarp came off and went back on again.

2015-04-18 15.56.30 2015-04-18 16.25.49 2015-04-18 16.16.48
2015-04-18 16.15.17 2015-04-18 13.14.55 2015-04-18 14.07.51
2015-04-18 13.55.35 2015-04-18 14.01.38 2015-04-19 13.37.30
2015-04-19 14.37.28 2015-04-19 14.07.53 2015-04-19 15.33.08
2015-04-19 15.49.12 2015-04-19 16.27.23 2015-04-18 12.46.42