Good times

This is the way to live: sitting in a little dive in medford eating greasy pizza watching baseball on a little tv behind the counter

New busses

The new busses in boston are huge, with the same type of accordian joint you see on trolleys. They aren’t as nice as milwaukee busses but they are getting close


In preparation for Halloween, Char and I have been piecing together a king and queen costume from ebay purchases, a local costume shop, and even some home made stuff by Char. Obviously I’ll post a picture of us on Halloween, but for now here’s a sneak preview:

Hot sauce

Mm hot sauce

ps: there are two penguins in a jacuzzi, and one is happily saying “it’s a bear!” although he’s looking towards us, not the bear behind him. I don’t get it. The heat of the sauce comes at you like a freight train — slowly, gradually, it gets hotter and hotter and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

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It’s moblog time!

As you can see by the entry below, I got a new cameraphone and can now post entries wirelessly. I used an edited version of this perl script, which you can download here. My edits (thanks peter) are hacky and ugly, so don’t expect it to be perfect. But, as you can see, it works for me.

My old middle school

It seems that bigelow is home not only of the bulldogs, but also homestar runner strongbad.

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