Hot sauce

Mm hot sauce

ps: there are two penguins in a jacuzzi, and one is happily saying “it’s a bear!” although he’s looking towards us, not the bear behind him. I don’t get it. The heat of the sauce comes at you like a freight train — slowly, gradually, it gets hotter and hotter and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

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2 thoughts on “Hot sauce”

  1. that's because he's telling US that it's a bear. why would he be telling the bear what it is; the bear already knows that it's a bear (hopefully it knows that).

    now i can tell you to take a picture of where you are so i can make sure you're not at some other girl's house!

  2. better picture

    Ah, but the penguin is holding aloft a glass of water and announcing "it's a bear!" so "a bear" is some sort of unknown adjective applicable to hot sauces or glasses of water, I think.

    And there aren't any polar bears in antarctica anyway!

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