Most evil phish yet

I got this today:


This is the most evil phishing message I’ve gotten yet. “Oh my god! What money? What camera? WHAT ABOUT MY EBAY FEEDBACK RATING?????” Of course all the important urls lead to classic ‘,’ and I’m sure if I followed those links I’d be asked for my ebay password. I know some people who would get very upset by an email like this and might’ve clicked on the links. Bad phishers! Stop being so devious!

upgrading to Ubuntu Dapper

I upgraded to Dapper over the weekend. I’m upgrading to an unreleased version of an operating system, so some of these issues may be fixed by the time the final version comes out in June:

  • The versions of ibm_acpi and ipw2200 I use are now installed by default. Excellent
  • Tomboy (my own compilation) as crashing, had to recompile and reinstall.
  • Font hinting got fucked up again. Every single time I upgrade linux I get this problem where the autohinter is not turned on, making my fonts look like ass. I had to install freetype and fontconfig by hand to fix this.
  • screensaver settings reset, had to fix
  • networkmanager didn’t show up correctly, had to tweak /etc/network/interfaces to fix.
  • Included fglrx didn’t work well, needed to install ATI’s own version.

All in all a decent upgrade. I spent most of my time playing around with getting Xgl and compiz to work, which I eventually did.


Dude, Xgl is totally working.  I’m cubin’ it up like a mofo.

A one-minute vacation

This is my own one-minute vacation, which is about the part of the vacation most people don’t focus on. I recorded this inside the gate at Las Vegas airport where you can hear not only the regular boring airline announcements, but also the soft, comforting plinking of slot machines.

Las Vegas airport.ogg

This is a binaural recording, and is best heard with headphones.