Well, that was fucked up

Here were are, stopped in the left turn lane of a stop light at a big intersection (McGrath and Broadway) when a BMW sloowly runs the light opposite us, doesn’t turn, and comes slowly towards us, and towards (I honk), and towards, until I realize they’re not going to stop at all and I try to get the fuck out of the way. They continue on McGrath headed south on the wrong side of the road. We did suffer a glancing blow, but just minor damage and everyone all right. Reported plate number to police. WTF!

The extent of the damage, although this really overstates the case since many of those scratches were pre-existing.

Small chunk of plastic missing -- all in all, could have been a lot worse



Ziti Amatriciana, before I drowned the whole thing in cheese. The Bacon was not supposed to be smoked, but it turned out all right.

Note: all food looks better in halogen light.

Bicycle v. Boston

I recently went to a DJ show at Good Life, and since these shows usually last longer than the T runs and I also hate cabs, I decided to bike both ways (about 5.5 miles each way). It had been flurrying all day, but there wasn’t enough snow or ice on the roads to make me worried about wiping out.

One factor I hadn’t considered, however, was road salt:

My bike, caked with salt and grime
My bike, caked with salt and grime

Closeup of salt and grime
Closeup of salt and grime

I’ve wiped as much of it off as I can, but it’s too cold to wash the bike (it would probably just freeze). My hope is that the chain isn’t ruined and my components aren’t all going to rust. Ah well, the show was fun.

Together Bedroom DJ Contest Entry

Together Bedroom DJ Contest Entry by ywwg

I think there are one too many latin-style bombs in a row on this one, and I fucked up the effects at 37 minutes, but otherwise a fun mix with my usual chillout ending

  1. Luca Cazzoni & Naila`kil – High spirit
  2. Glutamate – Don’t look back
  3. Joel – Knopf (Live)
  4. Andreas Henneberg, Simon2 – Bolingo Grigo
  5. RuLO – Sounds Like
  6. Oblivion – Weaver
  7. SQL – Distorted Reality
  8. Alex Kenji – Tropical Chicks
  9. eavesdrop – chased by the trombone
  10. Chris Lake, LYS – La Tromba
  11. eavesdrop – clarinette
  12. Tea Time – My Name Isn’t Jack(System Zoid remix)
  13. damolh33 – nuda
  14. Dintun – Runge Mufasin (Pablo Denegri Remix)
  15. Function – Variance – Function Reduced Edit