Avid Symphony Nitris – hope you like progress bars

It’s one thing putting up with Avid because of their kludgy made-it-up-as-they-went interface. I’ll grant that video editors are not particularly technical people, so the cost of modernizing the UI wouldn’t be worth the retraining costs.

But if we pay 90,000$ for the best Avid editing station, which includes 4,000$ for a quad-core Xeon workstation, it should bloody well use more than one processor at once when rendering effects:

If your code is so old and krufty that you can’t support multiple processors for something as simple as effects or video encoding, it’s time for a rewrite.

a window on another world

“Next to the name of one regular, who has a habit of bringing in women he is not married to, is an instruction to make sure the man’s wife has not booked a separate table for the same day.”

The New York Times, 6/18/07.

The great thing about the Times is, even when their articles are hopelessly behind the curve (you mean you can reserve a table OVER THE INTERNET???!!), there are sometimes little nuggets of gold on the inside. The best of these come in the form of revelations about how “the other 1%” ((My dad coined used this phrase while we were biking this weekend in Weston, MA. I like it.)) live. In this case, we learn about a man who is so rich, his restaurants help make sure his wife doesn’t find out about his regular infidelities. I’m lucky if the person at the Qdoba realizes I’ve been ordering the same thing once a week for two years!

I haven’t had this much fun learning about rich people since the Escapes article in which one fellow has a summer house in Phoenix that he keeps permanently air-conditioned so it would be cool if he decides to visit.