Grab bag for August

That’s right, another grab bag!

First up, my mother wanted me to photograph the dinghies at the local dock on Cape Cod. None of them are great, but here’s the best of the lot.

The whole family went up to visit Laurel in Vermont last weekend. Not content with three birds, two cats, and a dog, Laurel has added two geese to her mnagerie. The geese, aside from being silly and fun to
have around, eliminate the need for a lawn mower.

Since we were all together, we took the opportunity to take the yearly Christmas card picture.

the fam


I didn’t even know this was in development, although it would seem an obvious idea. Behold, video footage of Worms3D.

Henry will no doubt complain that this 3d version compromises the “purity” of the Worms experience, but he’s the guy who refuses to play anything except the Worms2 demo because having more than one level also pollutes this purity.

This file is served with BitTorrent. It’s a special method of transferring files that maintains high download speeds with popularity. The downside is that if you wait too long, the file will become unavailable. So grab it now!

A Fair and Balanced look at the ten commandments issue

For Fair and Balanced Friday, a fair and balanced report from NPR. It concerns the Alabama judge who is refusing to remove the 2-ton monument to the ten commandments from the courthouse. It’s a fairly normal fair and balanced npr piece, that is until the legal expert chimes in with his opinion. Very funny stuff.

(Note: WMP9 is supported by the latest version of xine, so this file is playable in linux. You might need binaries from avifile)

Fair and Balanced

Fox News sued Al Franken for the title of his new book: “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.” Specifically, they think using the phrase “Fair and Balanced” is an infringement of trademark. People with more expertise than I have explained why this is total crap.

In response a lot of blogs have added the phrase to their titles. Add me to the list!