linux tip: broken nautilus icons

For a while my Trash icon was screwed up. Here is how to fix it!

The trash icon got screwed up somehow. There’s no way to set the icon through the UI, so I had to find out what file was causing the problem. .gnome-desktop/Trash was not the solution.

The file .nautilus/metafiles/file\:%2F%2F%2Fhome%2Fowen%2F.gnome-desktop.xml had an entry for Trash, including a “custom icon” attribute. I removed this attribute, killed nautilus, and voila, success.

Note: This solution will probably become obselete with nautilus as of gnome 2.3/2/4+. This works for gnome 2.2.

One thought on “linux tip: broken nautilus icons”

  1. This really works for me (I'm on rh9 with standard gnome 2.2 installation).
    I' ve got the trash icon screwed up because I've manually changed it, dragging a new icon on the default one in the properties page. If you have lost the magic functionaliy (full/empty trash icons) this fixes everything. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

    Luca De Rugeriis

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