I think I have removed all of the crack from my tag selector. It took about four different branches including experiments with treeviews, comboboxentries, menus, and entrycompletions. The final user experience is not overwhelming for users with few or no tags, and manageable even for users with many tags. Check out the final screencast.

Am I Crack or Not, part 2

I tweaked the new tag selector some more, although I’m getting the feeling that at this point I’m just trying to duplicate a combo box or menu. A few people have suggested I have a box where people can type in a tag name. I don’t want to add another entry box, so I think I might add that functionality to the main search box above the tag list. I still like being able to have a few tags that are always one click away.

Latest tag selector screencast

Actually the more I look at this, the more it seems like I really just want a regular drop-down menu with a submenu containing all tags. At the bottom of the main part of the menu I could have an item that would spawn a dialog that looks like my current view, and that would be just for selecting and reordering favorites.