Grab bag for August

That’s right, another grab bag!

First up, my mother wanted me to photograph the dinghies at the local dock on Cape Cod. None of them are great, but here’s the best of the lot.

The whole family went up to visit Laurel in Vermont last weekend. Not content with three birds, two cats, and a dog, Laurel has added two geese to her mnagerie. The geese, aside from being silly and fun to
have around, eliminate the need for a lawn mower.

Since we were all together, we took the opportunity to take the yearly Christmas card picture.

the fam

4 thoughts on “Grab bag for August”

  1. dingies in the lake is not as good as duckies in the lake! but at least there's geese...they are very pretty.

    also, lady is facing backwards in the photograph. silly puppy!

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