Table Tennis

I’ve been getting exercise by playing table tennis in Medford. Table tennis is a nerdy sport, no doubt, but it is good exercise, and it is a tough game. I think I’m getting a little better, but I still lose to just about everyone in the club. Of course everyone in the club is very good, so it’s a high starting point.

Oh yeah!

Kucinich lays the smack down

Anyone who watched either the Democratic debate last week or The Daily Show’s coverage of it this week got to enjoy a Dennis Kucinich Moment. Specifically he was shooting down Dean’s promise to balance the budget with a well-delivered

Thanks to Mythtv, we can now have this sound clip for our enjoyment. Use in your instant messaging program, or perhaps as an email notification. The possibilities are endless!

Site Update

I finally noticed that you can edit the rdf template in movabletype, and I’ve done so. Now all you RSS feed-readers (‘sup Peter) will see the full entry in your rdf reader. I’ve also tweaked my image-publishing template, so in the feed the caption appears directly under the image size options instead of way below. This will only apply to future entries, as I’m not going to tweak the html of all my previous entries.

For people wondering what the heck RSS feed readers and rdf are, they are programs that download blog entries from many different sites and display them in one window so you don’t have to load twenty web pages to read everything.

I use Straw, which of course is linux-only. Under windows, I really don’t know what’s good. There’s a plugin for mozilla called NewsMonster that is popular with some people, but I like the lightweight nature of a separate program. I just stumbled across a list of more rss readers than I ever knew existed.

Using straw’s export feature, I’ve created a little file that lists all my subscriptions. I’m not sure if any other program can read this file, but here’s hoping!

Rice Car by Char

Char found a rice car in Madison that is pretty funny. Along with the usual giant spoiler, this one has
the added fun of Very Silly Kanji. The characters in the lower left read "Honda." Which makes sense, I guess, although even the Official Japanese site of Honda simply
uses the English nearly everywhere on its page. That, and I never saw a car in Japan that had Kanji on anything but the license plate. But if you’re going to put an unnecessary spoiler on your car, you might as well also throw in some unnecessary kanji.

I’m not sure about the kanji on the rear windshield, I think it reads 風え速. Unfortunately that’s not a word I can find in the dictionary. Now 風速 means wind speed, which is silly, but I think the idea is "fast like
the wind." I’m not sure what the middle character is.

Char’s camera doesn’t have a flash, so under low light it takes some very interesting grainy pictures.