Up North, in film

Some more pictures from northern Wisconsin, in film this time

When I went to northern Wisconsin with Char I took along my film camera as well as my digital camera. The film came back today. I’ve never shot with black and white before, and it’s hard. You have to pay much more attention to the correct exposure level than with color. That, or I was shooting in extremely high-contrast situations

The woods

Mitty drinks from the fountain

Well I had a third black and white photo, but my scanner can’t handle it. so, on to color

The cabin. It only has a few rooms, but they are big

When I went to get the film developed I discovered an old roll that I had forgotten about. It turns
out it was taken when Char and I went to her parents’ house the first (or maybe second) time.

Here’s a picture of Char’s parents’ house, which to me looks like a catalog’s idea of a home kitchen. If you look closely, you can spot the chicken theme.

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  1. I'm Mitty the cat and i sure love that fountain! I am there almost all day. You might say I have a drinking problem of sorts. But aren't I still cute in my old age? (I turned 16 last month.)

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