Great Burrito Search 2K3

I’ve been looking for a burrito place in boston to replace Qdoba, which is not available here. At qdoba, I always got a “fajita ranchera” burrito, which is a burrito with rice, chicken, peppers and onions, a little ranchera sauce, hot salsa, and mozarella cheese. A lot of places around town have something close to this, but I haven’t found anything quite right.

The hardest things to find are:

  • Hot in temperature
  • Available without beans
  • Contains hot salsa within

Here is my review of places I’ve been so far:

Anna’s Taqueria
This place seems to have a cult following, which I think is due more toward the “feels like college only everyone’s in their late 20s” atmosphere than the food. Char and I thought the burritos were lukewarm, unspicy, and too small.

Purple Cactus
There’s a Purple Cactus very close by, so I wanted it to be perfect. However the burritos are never hot enough, and there’s no hot salsa within. It’s ok in a pinch though.

Viva Burrito
Viva Burrito is a little far, being a short walk from North Station. The Boston Citysearch reviews I have been going by say the burritos are “juicy.” More like extremely fucking runnier than I like it. I needed 8 napkins, and the whole thing was soggy at the bottom. It’s too bad, because except for that it’s the best burrito I’ve been able to find.

Picante Mexican Grill
This is on Mass Ave. Not bad. A little dry, no salsa within.

Why can’t anyway put hot salsa inside their burritos? Is it so tough? The Qdoba system has them ask you which of four or five salsas you want. It seems everywhere else they assume you’re a pansy. The search must continue. (Or, I have to try asking places if they can add salsa)

If anyone knows of a good burrito place accessible by subway please let me know!

One thought on “Great Burrito Search 2K3”

  1. Well I certainly am glad to see such an interest and anticipation for the opening of Qdoba Mexican Grill in Boston. My name is Rachel Poor, I am the Marketing Communications Manager for Qdoba Mexican Grill in Boston.
    We have opened our first location in the Terrace Food Court in the Prudential Center. Our next location will open early July in the Financial District with Northeastern University and Boston University to follow before the end of 2004.
    Thank you for all your interest and excitement, I look forward to serving you all your personalized burrito in the near future.

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