Hack of the Day: Versioned Tomboy notes

I have a “TODO” tomboy note that I constantly update with little notes, things to pick up at the store, etc. However I don’t like the fact that my history isn’t saved. In one case I had a URL I had plunked in my TODO but hadn’t kept anywhere else. I went to find it recently, and I had deleted it from my note. Luckily I had a backup with the old version of the note, and I was saved.

It would be nice to have a versioning plugin for tomboy (like a wiki) but I’m too lazy to code the solution, so I came up with an Awesome Hack instead: CVS and cron. I turned my ~/.tomboy into a CVS repository, and set up a cron job that would scan my notes every hour and commit to the repository. Now if I want to go back in time I can browse through the revisions.

Having an actual versioning plugin would be preferable to all this, but barring that this is a decent enough stopgap measure.