Beating the Heat

Mike MacHenry invited us to his house in Wakefield the other weekend, because his parents have a pool. We did spend time in the pool, but you wouldn’t know it from these photos. We also hung out at a park on what I think was Lake Quannapowitt.

Serra and Jeff in the other car on the way there

A bunch of fools on the way to playing frisbee!

at the park, we discovered that Jeff has been keeping a hidden talent from us

My he’s going awfully high

uh oh!

head trauma here we come!

But he sticks the landing!

Chillin’ cause it’s damn hot are: Joe, Jeff, Mike, Char, Serra

Mike and Char are very silly people

One thought on “Beating the Heat”

  1. Hi! I actually wanted to comment on your entry about video editor (here) but the comments are already closed... maybe you can move it there.

    Anyways. I'm working on a mono-based Gstreamer video editing software for the GNOME as a Google's Summer of Code program. It's called DIVA (read it backwards if you dare) and you can track the progress here. Believe me, I know what you mean when you say that all the linux video editors SUCK. That's true.

    Right now I'm not targetting for the Final Cut (which rocks BTW), but rather for an Imovie kind of thing. In the present state of things having an Imovie-like simple video editing (that doesn't suck!) on GNOME would be a breakthrough. I also want to implement some basic hardware support for the typical DV home video cards (though that depends on the state of ie1934 GStreamer stuff, which is being worked on, but not ready yet).

    Because of SoC requirements I can't invite you as a developer till 1st September but It would be nice if you could comment the ideas on the Diva blog. There is not much there right now, as I'm working still on the underlying Gstreamer engine (in C) that will be used in Diva. But soon I'll start doing the interface etc.

    BTW, I'm a film-directing student, you can see my latest project hereI worked with a great bunch of DV software, but I'd really appreciate if you could contribute some cool ideas.

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