Shopping, roof details, and weekly project meetings

This weekend we made a lot of progress. We went shopping for reclaimed wood to use for the exterior siding. We checked out a local specialty lumber yard, but we got the impression they were used to customers looking for wood for interior use, and we’re not sure we want to spend the money on wood that isn’t suitable for the great outdoors. We’re going to try another yard on the 26th before we come to that final conclusion.

We also went shopping for a stove.  We’re looking at the Hampton H15 stove which optionally comes with a kit to enable it to use propane instead of natural gas.  The challenge with the stove is, how do we (legally) fit the stovepipe to vent outside?  We could either have it go straight up, or out the side of the house.  The disadvantage to having it go straight up is that we’d have to cut a hole in the roof.  The guy at Black Magic Chimney said he was not even clear on the best way to do that on a metal roof.  If the pipe vented out the side instead, the house would be wider than the 8’6″ highway legal limit.  But such a vent might qualify as an appurtenance, which is an object that might not count toward the overall width, and therefore we wouldn’t be in violation. Owen is researching the topic.

Owen coerces a rake board into place so it lines up with the fascia board it’s supposed to attach to.

The great thing about wood is that it’s flexible! What looked like a 1/2″ measuring error was completely eliminated by careful application of force.

The red metal drip edge of the roof has been applied.
Owen and Char hold one of their weekly meetings about progress made on the Tiny House.