I’m a baaaad boy

I’ve been making great use of a file downloading utility called BitTorrent. Basically instead of lots people just downloading from a server, bogging down its connection, everyone downloading also uploads. So the more people are downloading, the more people are uploading. This means that you can get very consistant high bitrates even for large files.

Like, say, popular movies and tv shows.

Takeshi Kitano day, I guess

I’ve gotten episodes of Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, 24, The Shield, Pen and Teller’s Bullshit, and basically lots of shows that I keep missing. Is this illegal? Well I pay for cable, so every show that I download is something I could see if I wasn’t too lazy to watch it.

Then again, the commercials have been removed, so maybe I’m cheating there. To me, commercials aren’t much more than a polite fiction — since the money charged is based on the Nielson’s, a flawed system. The Nielson’s determine whether a show lives or dies. A rating of 2, and a show is cancelled. If it gets a 3, it stays. But the Nielson’s margin of error at 2 is one. So it could actually be a three, or it could be a one. Everyone knows its nonrepresentative, and bullshit. So commercials are based on a bullshit system. So I don’t care if I’m “cheating” by paying 45$ a month for cable, and then downloading shows I miss sans commercials.


Welcome note to the new site.

Welcome to the moveable type powered version of my site. It’s looking pretty sweet now. I really only just wanted to add comment support, and this was the easiest solution I found. The only thing that’s not so hot is the archives, which are sort of plain. I guess I can beef up the template if I want, though.

Anyway, the old site is linked below. I don’t feel like converting everything over. Let me know what you think, and if there are any rendering problems.

Don’t even bother looking at this with netscape 4.x. it’s not going to happen.

look comments!
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Sorry About That

It’s been a bit too long since the last update. Here you go

From 01/02/03, I give you the first rice car of the new year.
Nice lightning bolt!

Toilet. Color-correction tools can turn to gold what was shit.

Us, a few seconds into the new year. yay!

Char and I took a road trip to Milwuakee to get the last of her things at her parents house. The drive sucked. It snowed the whole way there, and on our first day we got only to Syracuse, NY, instead of Cleveland, OH. Often I was driving at 30-35 mph, scared to death of turning the wheel even a slight amount for fear of losing control. Not to mention that the lanes were renderred invisible because of the snow. But, we got there ok, and took some photos with my film camera. Naturally, those aren’t here. I did take a picture of the smiley face at the Angola rest stop. I’ve seen it a million times driving to and from Madison, finally I have proof it exists.

Finally, we got a got this week. The poor thing is a stray adopted from Saint Meows shelter. He’s beautiful, but as you can see by this sixteen second exposure, he’s very timid. He certainly likes to have his head scratched, though! Candidate name: Sigmund