Welcome note to the new site.

Welcome to the moveable type powered version of my site. It’s looking pretty sweet now. I really only just wanted to add comment support, and this was the easiest solution I found. The only thing that’s not so hot is the archives, which are sort of plain. I guess I can beef up the template if I want, though.

Anyway, the old site is linked below. I don’t feel like converting everything over. Let me know what you think, and if there are any rendering problems.

Don’t even bother looking at this with netscape 4.x. it’s not going to happen.

look comments!

This is what it looks like when I have lots and lots of text. I don’t think I’ll use this much.

5 thoughts on “welcome”

  1. I feel a lot of pressure to make this comment memorable. I doubt that'll happen, though, particularly because I don't have much to say. If you post new pictures, I'll comment on them. How's that?

  2. Hey, so, um, I'm feeling pressure too. This whole public commentary thing. Er, nice page. That JET letter was pretty hardcore, sorry about that. The cat looks nice. I hear he is out and about more often. Would you like some more cats? We have a couple.

  3. Ow!

    I am very angry because when I open the comment box to read all your comments, I have to scroll back and forth sideways to see all the text. Ow! And the text box will not permit me to change its size, so I do not have a choice about all that scrolling. I hate scrolling. Ow! Ow! Ow!


    Painfully yours,

  4. I'm switching the comments so that the newest stuff is at the bottom instead the top. I'm getting dizzy this way. About the scrolling, I've changed the template. My browser opens up the new window in a tab, I didn't realize it was making a very small window without scrollbars.

    I also have been trying to change the template so the text underneath the pictures doesn't overlap on some browsers

    Please report bugs like this, it helps.

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