Grab bag

Char loves candy, so whenever we see candy-themed grafitti she jumps with joy. One might think grafitti wouldn’t cover the candy issue, but in fact we see it a lot. One even commands us to “eat candy.” Don’t mind if I do!

mmm candy

Sigmund seems to come out only when people aren’t around. So the best time to catch him is in the mornings, when he is usually lounging on the couch. That’s where I found him today. gotcha!

Lounging on the couch

Breathed is breathed new life

I was just decrying the fact that Bloom County books were out of print, and that one needed to buy them used from amazon. Seeing as every cartoonist of my generation cites Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County as inspiration (just see Sinfest) it was very unfair that you couldn’t get a hold of one of them. No longer true!

Bloom County is being republished online for the low price of ten bucks a year. One week’s worth of strips will be put up every two days. Sweet.

(thanks slashdot)

random acts of pet

When I was living at my parents’ house, there was a white cat from next door that would come over every so often. I hadn’t thought about it in a long time, but as we were driving away the other day Char spotted iton the hood of a car. Char demanded to be let out to pet the cat.

Even yet more snow

It snowed somewhere between 20-30 inches the other day, depending on who you ask. Whatever it was, it was big. Char and I went outside and had some fun.

Some nice snow formations

“Help I’m Stuck”

Poor Char fell in the snow, and came out very sad. I did not throw a snowball at her!

Char draws a kitty

Later, inside, I was taken advantage of. Violated, even.

Char draws a kitty II.


Sigmund enjoys being sideways.

He also looooves to be pet

It should be noted that while it appears that our cat loves his new little bed (thanks to debbie at the office!), he in fact will sit in it for a little while and then decide to plop down right next to it. I think he’ll get used to it though.

So far sigmund is completely nocturnal. During the day he’ll just sit there, perhaps move from one location to the next (he has a few choice spots), but that’s about it. Sure, if you reach under the dresser and pet the shit out of him, he digs it. At night, however, he can be heard running up and down the hall, he explores the kitchen, and his toy mouse changes location. We’re hoping this behavior will translate to the daytime, but I’m not getting my hopes up too quickly.


I got a turbo grafx 16 when I was ten. It came with Keith Courage in Alpha Zones, and my parents also got Blazing Lazers. I played a lot as a kid, not so much in high school, and a bit in college on the occasional nostalgia trip. Along the way I won Keith Courage (“Stay tuned for Keith Courage 2!”), but Blazing Lazers remained unbeaten. It has only nine levels, and by today’s standards is a short game, but level nine was impossibly difficult, and so at most I saw the end boss a single time. Henry was the only other person I ever knew who also had the game. He as well had never beat it. Tonight, he came over to visit and decided to sit down for a short game of Blazing Lazers.