Mixxx Session 2011-06-20

Two posts in one day? This will really skew the average. I recorded a new mix in anticipation of… something fun happening later this summer. I kept this one on the shorter side, under 50 minutes. My mixing (in a technical sense) is getting better, I’m at the point where there are some little drifts but I pull it back fairly quickly. On the creative side, there’s one track that sticks out as not quite fitting in with those around it, but it’s not a huge problem.


  1. Knobs – Reality
  2. dml – forstenried
  3. Truncate (Audio Injection) – Truncate.16 – Original Mix
  4. Truncate – Concentrate – Original Mix
  5. James Ruskin, Mark Broom – Hostage – Original Mix
  6. Gary Beck – Egoist
  7. Pfirter – Vasodilatador – Original Mix
  8. O/V/R – Post-Traumatic Son – Original Mix
  9. Tommy Four Seven – Ratu
  10. Surgeon – those who do not
  11. tleilaxu – to other people

Mixxx Session 110620 by ywwg