Mixxx Session 091027

More beats. I always listen to my mixes the day after I make them, because how am I going to know what I’m doing wrong unless I check my work? Often, while actively mixing, something will sound ok, but listening to it later it’ll sound forced or messy. Lives, unexamined and otherwise, relative worth w.r.t. living, etc etc.

Most people do a spooooky halloween special mix, but this isn’t that, really. huh. Maybe I’ll do one today.

  1. Stefny – Flight
  2. Navy b. – S P
  3. Rodrigo Rivera – Despegue programado N2
  4. nemecek – vindaloo jones
  5. Insanek – My last brain (Original Mix)
  6. Ricardo Serapio – Onche
  7. alec troniq – i`m the foolaloof [agaric rmx]
  8. Steve Bug – Swallowed Too Much Bass feat. Paris The Black Fu – Joris Voorn Remix
  9. London Fm – Urbansound – Original Mix
  10. Sis – Nesrib
  11. Drugstore – Nemesis
  12. Hay Dios Mio (Splatter Remix)
  13. Eggbox – Wrongway
  14. Ambivalent – Nineteen – Original Mix
  15. Gabriel Damen – Toy
  16. JuanMP – Double Block
  17. Dintun – Runge Mufasin (Pablo Denegri Remix)
  18. Dennis Shoker – Three In One Apartment

Mixxx Session 091027 by ywwg