Mixxx Session 090825

Here’s another DJ mix I made recently. I think this one came out quite well, with a minimum of mistakes and much better beat-matching than usual. “Yes Ma’am” is one of my favorite tracks right now. Comments welcome.

Tracklist (about an hour):

  1. david bernabe – alflolol
  2. licuadora system – playing with sticks
  3. monokao – destruccion masiva
  4. DJ Chus, Carlos Manaca, Pablo Ceballos – The Strong Rhythm – D-Unity Remix
  5. NDKj – Main Course – Minicoolboyz Remix
  6. Marc Houle – Dirty Dirty – Original Mix
  7. DJ Baldino – Jumping – Original Mix
  8. Ricky Ambilotti – Construkt – Original Mix
  9. Thega – Hay Dios Mio (Sergio Soroa Remix)
  10. Mark Knight, Funkagenda – Flauta Magica – Original Mix
  11. Visti & Meyland – Yes Maam (All Night Long) (Trentemoeller Remix)
  12. Navy b. – Popisowa
  13. david bernabe – palmero inc. (felipe valenzuela remix)
  14. RichVomDorf – Momento A

Mixxx Session 090825 on archive.org

Mixxx Session 090825 mp3 download

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