Northern Wisconsin

Char and I went to her parents’ cabin way up north in Wisconsin. We had a great time, even if it seemed like all our time together was spent driving. Char got her license finally (“It’s great to hear you came out — of the garage” –char’s friend), but since the car was a rental I couldn’t let her show off.

The terrain up there is different from anything one sees in the Northeast. It’s mostly flat, but still has a little roll to it. It’s not farms, though, it’s all trees and national forests, and the trees are all conifer. Driving down the county roads all you see is a corridor of road between pine trees for as long as it takes to get to the next little town. The towns are a combination of hick and rich tourist, so you get the sort of sketchy gas stations along with gigantic supermarkets with organic goods. For this area of Wisconsin, most of the tourists are from Illinois, and if Char and her family are any indication, people in Wisconsin hate them.

Pick ‘n’ Save

Looking across the lake at the cabin

Char and I put 800 miles on my rent-a-car playing minigolf, going to a casino, cooling off at a waterpark, and driving lots of go-karts. While on the ferris wheel at the Riverview amusement park, we noticed a building across the street that appeared not to be level, and upside-down at that. After we had our fill of rides, we checked it out, and upon closer inspection we saw a car stuck underneath the building, as if the building had fallen on it. At the ticket window, we could see that it was called "TOP SECRET," contained strobes and other effects, and cost twelve bucks to get in. I won’t reveal the secrets contained within, but it was fun.

Char seems to be having some trouble

Us, outside TOP SECRET

The only photo we were permitted to take inside

I took more photos with my film camera, but I have to wait for them to get developed. I’ll add another entry when I get the prints.

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  1. now everyone's gonna think that 80% of northern wisconsin consists of upside-down freak show houses and scary supermarkets straight out of adbusters.

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