Cape Cod Haze

I took a trip to the cape. Pics of haze, house, buddha.

I took a short trip to the cape this weekend. I didn’t do too much, mostly played some straight pool to practice. I did quite well. I didn’t run any racks, but I wasn’t missing a lot either.

I took some shots of the house for those of you who’ve never seen it.

Even my parents couldn’t resist putting up a flag at some point

Note the snow

The above photo was one of the first photos I took when I got the camera
after christmas ’01. The date indicates this was 1/5/02, my brother’s birthday. Anyway it’s a good shot of the pool table, so I figured I’d include it here.

It was extremely hazy on Friday night, so much so that mom thought her glasses were fogged up just from looking across the street. It made for some interesting photo opportunities, all of which I squandered.

in the bottom of the vertical photo there you can see a little buddha