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I’m currently working on a software project using Visual Studio C++ and MFC. I haven’t developed on windows for about four years, so I’m a bit rusty. I have a problem right now that perhaps my vast blog-reading, uh, readership might be able to help with.

I want to create a dialog box that has two panes. On the left is a regular Tree View, but the righthand side is a dynamic area that can be filled with whatever dialog object I want. How do I do this?

Right now I’m thinking of making the righthand side a tab control, and then just adding and deleting tabs as required. Often there would be only one tab. This seems, however, like a bit of a hack, and Bad UI. Any ideas for a real solution?

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  1. Most people actually do implement something like the right-hand pane with a tab control. There's usually a way to hide to tabs altogether, so that you can just easily change pages and not worry about that stuff.

  2. You can create objects at run time. It is much easier with the new .NET framework.

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