Some people seem to think I want to buy every new gizmo that comes out. That’s only somewhat true. I do love following development of pdas, phones, laptops, and such, but I only seriously consider purchasing something when it has satisfied certain conditions. For instance, I’m not going to actually get a new phone until it has:

  • high-rez, 16k color display
  • builtin camera, decent quality (flash, maybe zoom)
  • photos are sendable from my phone to this weblog
  • plays a good hour+ of mp3s/oggs through external jack
  • hopefully portable games will be easy
  • real internet access, not stupid WAP and not just web
  • basic PDA functionality
  • java
  • GSM 1900, unlocked
  • under 250$

I expect this will take a year or more, seeing as the 400$ phones aren’t even up to this standard yet.

As for a laptop, I’d want at least six hours on a battery, and a graphics chip capable of Doom III, and under 1500$. Again, not going to be for a while.

4 thoughts on “Upgrades”

  1. The Ericsson P800 or Nokia 3650 (and other Series 60 Symbian phones) are probably the closest fit to that requirement with current phones.

    The P800 being rather more costly. I bought a 3650 in the UK a couple of weeks ago for about $120 on a contract deal, and it's one hell of a phone.

  2. I'd say the P800 covers what you're looking for, then. The only point that might be called into question is the 'unlocked' part, and that is dependent on where you buy your phone ... which is going to affect the price. You will also need to buy a bigger 64MB/128MB Memory Stick Duo card for an hour of music.

    If you've got any specific questions, drop me a mail. I don't like leaving my mail address on sites, but mail ** @ martinlittle.com and and I'll get it.

    I've posted some pictures of the MP3 player here: http://martinlittle.com/gallery/?galleryYear=2003&galleryName=p800, in reference to your question on Mobitopia.

  3. thanks for visiting the site!

    The P800 indeed looks sweet, but at 650$ sim-free I'll have to wait. I'm on T-Mobile in the US, hopefully they'll provide an upgrade plan or something.

  4. I purchased a SonyEricsson P800 in June of 2003. Are there any upgrades available of which I should be aware?

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