PenguinTV database accesses: more optimal than ever!

I’ve been working to push database accesses down further on PenguinTV to lessen the load it puts on the disk. If the system is under heavy disk load to begin with, PenguinTV slows to a crawl and becomes unusable. Following up on my previous optimization work, a database hit for an unread entry is now this:

SELECT title, creator, link, description, feed_id, date, read FROM entries WHERE id=? (93729,)
SELECT id,entry_id,url,file,download_status,viewed,length,mimetype FROM media WHERE entry_id = ? (93729,)
UPDATE entries SET read=? WHERE id=? (1, 93729)
UPDATE media SET viewed=? WHERE entry_id=? (1, 93729)
SELECT id FROM feeds WHERE feed_pointer=? (322,)

We only read from each table once, and only write to each table once. That’s about as good as it can get, I think.