Adventures in virtualization

I’ve been adapting PenguinTV for use on the olpc, which is not entirely easy. For an all-python application it’s not too hard, but I have precompiled libraries that I need to distribute with PenguinTV because the olpc doesn’t provide pycurl. Since I run Ubuntu Edgy and the olpc is based on Fedora Core 6, I need to do some sort of virtualization to test my activity.

The recommended practice is to download an OLPC OS Image and run it with qemu. Unfortunately, the image is broken for Debian-based distributions like mine.

The next option is to download the OS image and chroot inside it and run sugar-emulator from there. That also doesn’t work for me.

My solution is really complicated: Run Fedora Core 6 in VMWare, and then chroot inside the OS image from there. Success!

So here’s a picture of PenguinTV, running inside olpc build 142, chrooted on FC6, running inside VMWare Workstation, on Ubuntu. It’s not a pretty way to do software development, but it seems to work.