Where are the Granny Smith apples?

Char and I have been trying to find Granny Smith apples for a couple weeks now, and no store we’ve been to has them. We’ve looked in Shaw’s, Whole Foods, and even Market Basket, to no avail. Where did they all go? Are they out of season or something?

As a spoiled westerner I’m not used to growing seasons actually mattering, so this has been a weird experience. The stores have plenty of other varieties of apple, but I much prefer the tart Granny Smith. My current theory is that there is one boat that brings all the imported apples to the north east. Sometime last month it sank off the coast of South America, leaving us without green apples for the forseeable future.

edit: success! Harvest Coop had Granny Smiths, although many were bruised. I think it was the leftovers from the last successful shipment before the boat sank.

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  2. The boat didn't sink - they said they were from Washington (just like I told you), although I think the organic ones said New Zealand.

    Gosh, the way you eat apples, you would think they grow on trees!

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