Tour de Nat training: Part 1

Ever since I read about the infamous Tour de Nat challenge, I knew it was something I wanted to do. In August, I will do it.

I have the bike and I have the system, all I need now is a body capable of the task. So a few weeks ago I started riding every weekend that the weather was good, of which there has been only one.

This is the route I took two weekends ago:
route1.jpg (31 miles)

The link takes you to the mapping site I used. Load this GPX file to see the route up close. The route was quite good, although the first hill in Belmont at waypoint 15 kicked my ass.

I’ll be posting all of the routes I take on my way to Tour de Nat 2006, but I can’t guarantee quality choices. I don’t have years of experience to rely on, so I’m using a combination of google maps and google earth to pick my roads. Google Earth sucks for determining elevation, however. I’d prefer a real topographical map. I’ll be steadily increasing the mileage until I can do 60 miles reliably. Come August, I should be ready.