some more notes

P2 workflow:

We can do an SD-style online where we conform on the offline, much like what we did for prisons (SD). So you edit with the proxies, and then in XpressPro, batch re-capture the full-rez DVCPRO HD MXF files(this would have to be xpresspro HD of course). Then you consolidate to a drive, and copy those files to the DS. Boom, the files show up.

HOWEVER, you have to shoot in 59.94 (standard pulldown) because DS doesn’t understand 720/23.98. So you can’t save space with the 24 advanced mode because there’s no way to convert those files to 59.94. The Panasonic lady was really unreasonable about saying that Avid should get off their ass and support 23.98. While true, doing some sort of software convert from 23.98 to 59.94 shouldn’t be unreasonable.