Avid NAB2006 announcements


From the User Event:

Media Composer:

  • Mac and PC are on the same roadmap now — simultaneous releases. No mention of intel-specific
  • Composer Software-only version, 5K$
  • Mojo SDI, 7500$
  • Adrenaline price drop

Feature improvements to composer:

  • Uncompressed HD playback
  • tracking / stabilizing
  • more protools compatible
  • AVX2 / 16bit plugin compatible

Avid Interplay:

  • “nonlinear workflow engine” — or, integrated asset management. Designed so that everyone will need a copy, even the finance people! Hurray stock price!
  • Also tracks resolutions.
  • Seems unity-specific, but I couldn’t tell. Very vague on the details.
  • Integrated with Composer, but there’s also a couple standalone versions for other people — even interns doing logging (“Interplay Assist”).
  • 100 media types, including avid (obviously), photoshop, excel, etc. Wide-ranging.
  • Can auto-archive
  • Auto multirez based on rules (audio doesn’t need HD, etc)
  • Security for houses that have people renting rooms. (one client can’t see another’s media at all)
  • “Health monitoring”


  • Unity ISIS scales to 192TB, 150 simultaneous clients
  • Unity and LANshare, 2x capacity
  • Avid VideoRAID (please buy disks from us!)
  • “Open Storage Initiative” — can use final cut / premiere with unity — probably just making them generic disks if you want.

DS Nitris 8:

  • 4:4:4 support
  • Symphony Dual Boot
  • DS Assist station — ie DS without the Nitris hardware
  • 64bit

XpressPro HD

  • Mac version out. No mention of intel


  • Liquid 7.1
  • Studio Toolkit works with bluray, whoop-de-doo