Samsung ML-2010 and Ubuntu

A quick note about the Samsung ML-2010. It comes with its own setup software that works with cups, but it wants to access cups through the localhost:631 interface. Ubuntu turns off this interface by default, so you’ll need to turn it back on.

  • Go to System / Administration / User and Groups.
  • Select Groups
  • Select shadow
  • Add “cupsys” to the shadow group

After that, the samsung software should work and install the printer just fine. I had trouble trying to install the printer through the standard Ubuntu printer interface, so stick with the swanky gtk1 samsung program instead.

Also, to get the printer to work in The Gimp, set the printer up as “Postscript Level 2,” and set the lp command line to “llpr” with no options. This will launch samsung’s little printer driver and will work just fine.

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