So I had a good time at the Gnome Summit this year. I got up the courage to get on stage and show off PenguinTV, and despite wacky vga-output problems I was able to demonstrate the UI and functionality. It got a good reception, and a lot of people came up to me afterward with ideas for extended functionality, including support for stealing streaming real-audio sources, integration with Banshee, and integration with GStreamer. I also got my first patch by email, which is great. The idea that someone went through my messy code and learned enough to work with it (without complaint) seems a little unreal.

This positive feedback has motivated me to keep pushing penguintv toward 1.0, including setting up a CVS repository on sourceforge and getting any final bugs fixed. After 1.0 I’ll work on code cleanup and start looking at C# and Banshee. Fun times ahead!

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  1. no, I figured all of the regular GNOME shutterbugs would be covering the conference, so I didn't bring my own camera. I'd just look like a wannabe 🙂

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