Noble eats grass

This is a video in a blog posting, but don’t get the idea that this is a “video blog” now. I see little point in posting a video solely of me talking to the camera, because that is what text is for. So when I want to say something, I’ll use text. And when I want you to see something, I’ll post a photo. And if I want to show something, then I’ll post a video. There’s no reason I have to stick to only one!

This posting is a bit torrent, the file is 16MB. You can read this enclosure with PenguinTV for linux, FireANT for Windows, and DTV for Mac. It’s an AVI with the Xvid codec, so the video will probably play on a Mac with VLC. On windows you should already have the defilerpak codec collection because you download xvid-formatted movies all the time. On linux it just works with totem, xine, mplayer, whatever.