libdvdcss bug that is totally undocumented

Summary: libdvdcss will happily keep using settings created for different hardware and fail silently after the user has upgraded to a new system with a different dvd drive.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. play dvds with laptop A
2. upgrade to a new thinkpad!!! with a new dvd drive!!!
3. try to play dvds

Expected results:
1. dvdcss tries and fails to use the old drive code, so it tries to figure out a new one just in case
2. dvd plays

Actual results:
1. motherfucking read errors for two hours, with the only error message being “maybe libdvdcss is not installed?”
2. searching google for firmware updates, css hacks, newer versions of libraries, etc
3. finding nothing.
4. finally running ogle –debug, and seeing it accessing a ~/.dvdcss library
5. deleting the motherfucker
6. everything works now.

jesus christ that sucked.