fuck the bleeding edge

After yet another abysmal failure trying to upgrade lots of packages to get Beagle to work, I have decided I really, really have to abide by my rules: Don’t bother with bleeding edge crap, just wait until it comes out for your distro officially. It’s just not worth the headache of tomboy suddenly not working, and NetworkManager suddenly not working, and all that to get search — especially when I don’t want to get inotify working too!

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  1. dbus 0.23.4 (not 0.31!) should work fine with NetworkManager, and new versions of beagle don't require inotify anymore (although it's still strongly recommended).

    We'd like to expand our snapshots so installing beagle is easier for more people on more distros. What distro are you on?

  2. Hey thanks for the comment.

    I'm on Fedora Core 3, and I'm also using the Dag repository to get my copy of mono.

    Reading over my post it sounds a lot more harsh than I meant, but I've had a lot of bad experiences trying new software (gnome-volume-manager comes to mind) and I've learned that just being patient pays off. When I was in college I had a lot more time to play around with new software -- RPMS were for wusses, tarballs were ok, and CVS was where it's at! -- but these days I have fantastically little patience for headaches.

    I'll try installing beagle again and not updating DBus, I think that was the main problem last time.

  3. Still no luck. I have to compile dbus by hand, but then I don't have a dbus_contexts file for selinux. I found some stub somewhere, and when I restart, NetworkManager doesn't run (** (process:29310): CRITICAL **: file NetworkManagerDevice.c: line 324 (nm_device_unref): assertion `dev != NULL' failed). I try recompiling NetworkManager from CVS, but I get:

    NetworkManagerDbus.c: In function `nm_dbus_get_network_object':
    NetworkManagerDbus.c:619: warning: implicit declaration of function `dbus_message_iter_get_basic'
    NetworkManagerDbus.c:704: warning: implicit declaration of function `dbus_message_iter_recurse'
    NetworkManagerDbus.c: In function `nm_dbus_nmi_is_running':
    NetworkManagerDbus.c:947: warning: implicit declaration of function `dbus_bus_name_has_owner'
    NetworkManagerDbus.c: In function `nm_dbus_nmi_filter':
    NetworkManagerDbus.c:988: warning: implicit declaration of function `g_debug'
    NetworkManagerDbus.c:993: error: `DBUS_INTERFACE_DBUS' undeclared (first use in this function)
    NetworkManagerDbus.c:993: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
    NetworkManagerDbus.c:993: error: for each function it appears in.)
    NetworkManagerDbus.c: In function `nm_dbus_init':
    NetworkManagerDbus.c:1221: error: syntax error before "DBUS_INTERFACE_DBUS"
    NetworkManagerDbus.c:1226: warning: implicit declaration of function `dbus_bus_request_name'

    So I reinstalled my dbus .22 rpms which have no mono bindings, and therefore no more beagle.

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