Winter ’02
Spring/Summer ’03
Fall ’04

You’ll notice I cheated on this one, there should really be separate entries for Spring and Summer. I had been thinking, all this time, that I had taken three images, winter, spring, summer, and had forgotten fall in ’03. So I made up my mind to absolutely make sure to take a picture while the leaves were down.

Alas, when I got to my machine tonight to put together the completed Seasons series, I found I had not actually taken a Summer picture. And so the series remains incomplete and I’m really annoyed with myself. I’ll go over the directories a few more times hoping to find some hidden directory of summer ’03 pictures which I’m SURE will contain that last image… but in all likelihood this is the way it will remain. It holds up fairly well as a tripdich, actually.

The last picture is dated 10/31/04 — the last time I ever set foot in that apartment. Talk about waiting until the last minute!