Mass MoCA

Char and I went to Mass MoCA on Saturday, and although it’s in Massachusetts, it’s a somewhat unbelievable 4 hours drive from Boston to North Adams where it’s located. It was worth the trip, though. The museum is housed in an old textile printing mill, so it’s got a lot of cubic footage to work with. The floors are wide, and the ceilings are high. As such they tend to attract installation-style art rather than basic paintings or drawings. Right now they only have three exhibits — one artist occupies the bottom floor, a group show takes the second and third, and a final artist uses an entire building in the complex.

I liked the museum a lot. They turn over their exhibits very slowly, so I can go once a year and not miss anything. I’d go more often if I had to, but the drive is so long it’s difficult to justify getting a membership or just dropping by whenever.

Ann Hamilton‘s build-size installation resembles the movie Brazil, a newly fallen snow, a cathedral, and a whole host of other associations.

Matthew Ritchie is probably insane