Last night, Char and I were getting ready for bed as usual. Char left the room to get something, and noticed Sigmund in the hallway. Our silent little critter has been getting more brave, and it’s more common to see him around the apartment at night. When you come across him, he usually freezes in place with an incredibly guilty expression on his face. Once you make a move he’ll run off.

So Char found Sigmund standing at one end of the hallway, and she called out to him: “Hello Sigmund!” I was lying in bed, and from down the hallway I heard the plaintive reply: “meww?” Parents probably get choked up over their baby’s first word’s, and although I wasn’t especially surprised what he sounded like, the fact that any noise aside from a purr came out of his mouth filled me with parternal joy.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t start yowling into the night.

This is an unrelated cute kitty picture

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