qdoba update!

Well thank goodness my site is the highest rated result for “boston qdoba” on google. I got an email today from an alert reader who found my site and says:

we seem to be in the same boat because I,too, am searching for a qdoba competitor and annas just doesnt cut it! A few days ago I was in the Copley mall and low and behold, there is a qdoba actually coming to the mall! Word has it that there are three of them coming to boston soonjust thought you might be interested.hope you enjoy it!

This is great news, and I will no longer have to pine for burritos I can’t have. I never mentioned this, but when Char visited me for Thanksgiving she actually brought a Qdoba burrito on the plane from wisconsin so that I could have one in Massachusetts. It was totally unexpected, and even nuked it was delicious. She’s a great gal.

2 thoughts on “qdoba update!”

  1. I CAN'T WAIT FOR QDOBA. Used to eat in in Indianapolis all the time, never could find it here. Ana's is my favorite out here, but it still doesn't touch the Chicken Fajita Ranchera with hot salsa (the red jalapeno stuff). Where are the other two going to be located?

  2. You and me both. I'm also a chicken ranchera fanatic. I also like to get half hot / half extra hot salsa. Anna's is ok, but their rice is non-vegitarian so it's unacceptable for my girlfriend. I don't know about these other two locations, their website doesn't give any hints.

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