Coming along…

Tiny House Crafters are making great progress with the house!  There was a delay because we needed to have a custom shower pan manufactured, but everything else has been full steam ahead.

tiny house exterior
Still lookin’ good, now with propane tanks

The interior paint choices are… ok. It’s hard to pick colors remotely, and in this case the weird orange was picked to match the Ikea cabinetry that hasn’t been installed yet. I wish Ikea’s color choices were better but I really didn’t want another wood tone in the interior. If the orange doesn’t work, I can always just repaint the trim and let the cabinets be the only weird orange thing.

Walls are basically done, ceiling is done.

Diamond tread is another stylistic element that will be used throughout the house to keep it looking modern. It’s already being used for the front porch, and now it’s in the shower. It will also be used for the kickspace, backsplash, and the front of the fridge.

Diamond tread shower!

We’re on track for the house to be done in just a few weeks, I can’t wait!