Updated FAQ, and first boards of siding hung

Presenting the new FAQ.  Importantly, it reflects that we aim to have the exterior done this fall.  I was thinking of putting a box of these out front by the sidewalk.  Whenever we work on it, people walking their dogs and such always give us compliments and questions, now that it is recognizable as a tiny house!


Tiny House 2015 FAQ



The bow end, now featuring edge trim, and the first trimmed window!  Singed wood siding sneak preview!  The two holes with the white frames are vents, as that is where the back of the little refrigerator will be.  The little brown square at the lower left (you didn’t see it at first did you?  Good!)  is how propane will get into the house.  There will be two propane tanks, just like ones you’d use for a barbeque grill, sitting outside the house.  The gas will be piped through a to-be-drilled hole in the little brown square.  The little refrigerator and other things will be powered by this propane.