Parts parts parts

After a lot of headaches and trying to get various parts to work, I have to alter the pricelist a bit.

  • Subtract irman — the ir blaster does both input and output. THANKS FOR TELLING MEI later found out it works a lot better using the two IRs, so irman is good
  • don’t bother with tv-out. it’s just not good enough on linux
  • Grandtec GXP-2000 Ultimate XP Pro scan converter — converts VGA to tv. 100$ from
  • you could probably shave 30$ off the ram by going with 256 instead of 512. I don’t know yet
Note also that the All-in-Wonder was unnecessary. Any video card with XVideo support is adequate

Looking at prices, I think ram dropped by about half. shit. I paid about 127 it seems, and now it’s 75$. whoa. And for 256 megs, that drops again to 42. ok, you could shave $80 off the ram.
You could also shave a bit off the video card since you don’t need tvout. You just need XVideo support for myth to work

Old total: 696.63
minus oopsies: 123
Plus scan converter: 112.17

new total: 685.80$
Even with the 100$ scan converter it’s cheaper because RAM IS FUCKING CHEAP. 75$ for half a gig is insane

current component table:

Part Company Rating Price
(with shipping)

  • AMD Athlon XP 1700+
  • Shuttle AK35GT2 VIA KT333 W/Audio
  • Samsung 256MB PC2700 333MHz DDR SDRAM
  • Thermaltake Volcano 9 Highest Performance Smart &
    Silent CPU Cooler (not totally silent)
  • Arctic Alumina Thermal Compound 9.74 228.00
ThermalTake TT420AD Power Supply
(silent) 7.96 62.33
Seagate Barracuda V 60 GB
(silent drive) 9.22 89.62
ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro 32MB 9.42 84.69
AverTV stereo capture card Microcenter (brick store) 49.99
Network card pillaged from old
DVD rom pillaged from old machine 0.00
IR Blaster (infrared transmitter
to control cable box)
snapstream media only source, none 30.00
Grandtec GXP-2000 Ultimate XP
Pro scan converter 6.67 (not so hot) 112.17
Case CTS computer (local store) 30.00
total 686.80