Tiny House in Progress: Arrival of the trailer

Today, like a bright ray of sunshine in the miserable rain, the trailer arrived! Since I made the irresponsible decision to build in a suburb it was a bit difficult making sure the street was clear of parked cars, and the trailer almost scraped the sidewalk on the way in. It will almost certainly be ten times more difficult getting the finished house out of the yard when it’s done, but I’m going to casually ignore that problem right now.

The last time we will see this part of the yard for a while.
The truck that brought it here from Pennsylvania
Backing it over the curb

One thought on “Tiny House in Progress: Arrival of the trailer”

  1. OK, so there were some dicey moments but the disasters that might have happened did not. May they continue to be averted and may framing day be brighter!

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