Tracklist from Make It New, December 27th

On December 27th I opened for Perc at Make It New — it was an awesome experience, and having people come up to me afterwards and compliment me on my taste in music is something my 16-year-old self would never have imagined :). I was worried going in because Mixxx had been crashing earlier in the week as a result of me being dumb and using the bleeding-edge development version. But I worked with RJ to fix the problem, and Mixxx worked without a hitch.

There’s a fan recording of the set on youtube:

Actually there was a lot of trainwrecking, for some reason the Cue/Master control on the mixer was broken so it was a little hard to line things up. I’ll see if I can get a full recording from the Mmmmaven guys.


  1. Alan Fitzpatrick – Always Something For Nothing (Original Mix)
  2. Cassegrain & Tin Man – Athletic
  3. Paul Mac, Mark Broom – Remember When (Original Mix)
  4. Function, Jerome Sydenham – Computer Madness Re-Vision (Function vs Jerome Sydenham remix)
  5. Macromism, DJ Kool Dek – Shifted
  6. DETTMANN, Marcel – Push
  7. Blawan – And Both His Sons
  8. Slam – Crowded Room (Original Mix)
  9. BAS MOOY – Desolaat (Xhin remix)
  10. ANGELIS, Dimi/JEROEN SEARCH – Rhetorica (Jonas Kopp remix)
  11. Monoloc, Daniel Wilde – When I Get Older
  12. Jeff Derringer – Passenger (Original Mix)
  13. Dadub – Unlawful Assembly (Al Bielek Takeover)
  14. Mike Parker – Moisture (Treatment 3)
  15. Lodbrok – Oil (AnD Remix)
  16. Hizatron, Bashley – Discharge (Original Mix)

(edit: replaced broken ustream link with youtube link)

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